3D Scanning Sprays & Accessories

AEsub 3D Scanning Sprays & Accessories Team AEsub & its passion Microservice is both final user and exclusive distributor for Italy of AESUB products. This unique combination enables us to change and shape the scanning spray industry. We know the needs of complex digitization processes and know how to provide dedicated solutions. We make scanning [...]

VMM Micro3D vis

Micro3D vis Optical machines multi-sensor Microservice Micro3D vis represent our best solution for your measurement needs for small parts with  speed and accuracy. Image capture and its processing are practically immediate, and guarantee an indisputable operational advantage over other solutions based on exclusively tactile measurement. Metrological performance is guaranteed by guide organs selected from the [...]

CMM Micro3D

CMM micro3d

The new line of Micro3D coordinate measuring machines distributed by Microservice employes various technical and constructive solutions that provide great safety and efficiency with the use of all the sensors available on the market.

Laser tracker API

Laser Tracker API :::Microservice

Laser tracker technology to its essential elements. RADIAN CORE is a high performance laser tracker that offers the essential laser measurement capabilities at an affordable price. Its compact size and wireless operation make it possible to combine high precision measurement with the convenience of portability and ease of use.


Stili IPT :::Microservice
CMM Stylii and accessories Microservice is the ITP retailer for the supply of styles, extensions, plates, adapters, calibration spheres, special designed probes. For any measurement need we are ready to follow you from the choice of the optimal configuration for your application up to the delivery of items that is quick for special codes and [...]


Smart-View-300-CNC-1 :::Microservice
ZSM Metrology Visual Systems For non-contact inspection and measurement Microservice deals systems by ZSM Metrology GmbH  that  include manual and automatic optical machines, profile projectors and dedicated systems for measuring axial-symmetric details. Information request M3 Software In addition to the conventional mouse interface, expanded Multi-Touch logic allows for one-touch feature measurements as well as versatile [...]

Bracci e Scanner Kreon

Kreon Ace Skyline :::Microservice
KREON ACE SKYLINE Scarica brochure Information request A new scanning experience Ace Skyline combines the Ace measuring arm and the Skyline 3D scanner, providing a high performance system for contact and non contact 3D measurements. Accurate, fast, flexible…it replies to all your requirements and can scan the most challlenging parts. Save more time Advanced scanning [...]

Capps Nc

In Process Metrology Software : Adaptive Production becomes a reality! Enables ‘Adaptive Manufacturing’ with Metrology Feedback Measurement results can be used immediately by the manufacturing cycle for work offset, tool compensation and other automation feedback. Enables manufacturing process and cutting processes to Self adjust to changing parameters. Real time execution Measurement results are immediately calculated [...]


Braccio Verisurf :::Microservice
VERISURF 2018 VERISURF 2018 is a measurement software developed on CAD platform that can simultaneously Manage multiple instruments, supporting all formats for the most common mathematical models. Provided with great flexibility in data analysis, VERIFURF 2018 offers the possibility to realize Advanced Best Fit on free, geometric and mixed shapes. Integrated Bundle Adjustment algorithms provide [...]


Capps - DMIS CAPPS was one of the pioneers in the field of software with CAD support for use on coordinate measuring machines. AAT (Applied Automation Technology Inc.) has developed CAPPS with the aim of producing a constantly evolving metrology software with a powerful graphics engine, CAD functionalities, DMIS programming language, tree structure and a [...]

used CMM


In the showrooms of Alpignano (To) and Macherio (MB) all the retrofitted CMMs of various brands are displayed, in automatic and manual versions with characteristic performances and measuring ranges suitable to satisfy the most varied needs of users.