CMM Stylii and accessories

Microservice is the ITP retailer for the supply of styles, extensions, plates, adapters, calibration spheres, special designed probes.

For any measurement need we are ready to follow you from the choice of the optimal configuration for your application up to the delivery of items that is quick for special codes and super-fast for those already in the catalog.

Stili IPT :::Microservice
Stili IPT :::Microservice
Stili IPT :::Microservice
Tastatori IPT :::Microservice
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Arms and Tracker accessories

As Brunson distributor for Italy, Microservice assists the technical staff of production, testing and assistance employed in the design of objects and machines of large dimensions and high technological Content, taking care of their metrological problems and providing most appropriate solutions.

The aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, paper mill, particle accelerators, and machine tools industries have enjoyed direct partnership with Brunson for decades, contributing to the development of a complete Set of new tools that allow, facilitate and optimize testing in their respective fields of use.

Available products include:

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Cavalletto Brunson
Cavaletto Brunson

Accessories for Laser Tracker and Fotogrammetry

Accessori Brunson


  • Telescopes, collimators, levels and transits
  • Optical targets and mirrors
  • Graduated scales and Accessories

CMM Cells and fixture

Our reference partner is the Italian company Mod.En. For everything related to:
– project and costruction of working environment for CMM (air-conditioned cells)
– automatic loading / unloading systems
– fixture equipment for CMM

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CMM Fixture

The EasyFix® modular system allows you to quickly configure and assemble equipment for supporting parts.
The supplied software supports the graphic simulation of the equipment through a complete virtual model


CMM Loading Systems

EasyLoad ™ aims to optimize the CMM performance and productivity.
It is a low-cost solution that ensures high functionality and convenience.


CMM Cells with modular structure

MODYBOX ™ is a modular system consisting of pre-assembled elements to create Test and Measure Rooms within protected environments.
It represents the perfect environment for the installation and use of each measuring device.


State of the art scanningspray


Often, even using the most advanced scanners, it is necessary to apply an opacifier spray to scan transparent or highly reflective (mirror) surfaces.

In this way the laser line, or the optical pattern projected on the particular is visible and more defined to the instrument, allowing to obtain a cloud of points more responsive to the actual geometry to be detected.

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mechanism without scanningspray :::Microservice
mechanism without scanningspray
Meccanismo di orologio opacizzato con AESUB :::Microservice
mechanism with scanningspray

The use of traditional scanningspray, however, being based on the deposition of powdered pigments containing Tio2, basically presents 2 types of undesirable effects:

– contamination of the piece and the surrounding environment and the consequent need to wash the piece after scanning;

– the modification of the geometry due to the thickness of the covering substance that deposits in a non-uniform way.

We are the exclusive distributor for Italy of the new AESUB scanningspay, that has been developed and approved by scanning experts to eliminate or minimize the problems mentioned above

Available in two formulations, BLUE (evaporating) and WHITE (permanent), the AESUB spray is an indispensable tool for obtaining superior quality 3D scans in all application fields.

AESUB BLUE is composed only of evaporating substances, without the use of pigments, it leaves a thin uniform layer that evaporates completely in a few hours without leaving residues.

AESUB WHITE  leaves an even thinner but permanent deposit that does not contain titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments in its formulation.