CMM Micro3d

Our Micro3D coordinate measuring machine line boasts various technical and constructive solutions that give great structural stability and exceptional performance with the use of all the sensors available on the market.
In contrast to equivalent machines, the Micro 3D show great strength and reliability thanks to the choice of high quality components.
The structure completely in granite and the thermocompensation system allow to obtain an exceptional accuracy of measurement.

Micro3D A

Micro3D A are characterized by a low overall height, lower than most of the CMM on the market, and are also available with a lowered section support to reduce the overall height by a further 100 mm.
This feature makes the Micro3D A the ideal solution for control laboratories with low ceilings.

Ultra-rigid platform in advanced alloy. Structure with rapid thermal diffusion due to changes in environmental conditions. The FEA design guarantees a moment of inertia and optimal rigidity, allowing strong acceleration.
Frictional tracings with hysteresis close to zero on all axes. Passive vibration damping system that isolates external vibrations.

Micro3D HA

CMM MIcro3d

Designed for needs of productivity and speed of testing, new Micro3D HA line of Measuring Machines is characterized by absolute dynamic performance.
Speed ​​and acceleration without compromise are ensured right from the project which, starting from high quality granite bases, employs a strong, yet light and reactive aluminum alloy mechanical structure.
Driven by direct dragging, the axes are piloted with great accuracy by the sophisticated ‘Pantec’ CN electronics, including the latest generation real-time thermocompensation system, ensuring rapid and precise positioning in the entire measurement volume.

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