Dynamic 9D Ladar

The 9D LADAR is a revolutionary non-contact measurement system that employs cutting-edge technology to acquire dimensional and surface geometry data at high speed and high precision.

The LADAR is designed for industries and professionals who require high-precision, non-contact measurements in real time. It is useful in quality control, inspection and manufacturing processes that need to acquire surface dimensional and geometric data quickly and accurately.

Optical CMM
CNC machine control
In-line dimensional measurement and control for the aeronautical, automotive, wind energy or similar industries
Flush and Gap
Component measurement
Equipment check
Reverse Engineering
Dimensions X,Y,Z – I,J,K and R,G,B

API provides the tools with a standard 2-year warranty, underlining the confidence in its products.

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Scarica brochure
Scarica brochure

New: API LADAR nell'ispezione di aeromobili

The world’s fastest and most accurate interferometry-based non-contact measurement system

Designed to last over time
The robust and compact design minimizes errors.

Revolutionary technology
9D LADAR is an innovative technology, destined to revolutionize automated production measurement. The patent-pending LADAR is the fastest and most accurate interferometry-based non-contact measurement system incorporating OFCI (Optical Frequency Chirping Interferometry) technology.

Quick and efficient heat-up time
The centering of all heat sources allows for rapid heat distribution throughout the body of the instrument both during warm-up and for drastic changes in the temperature of the working environment, ensuring that the body of the tracker maintains a constant thermal balance, resulting Shorter warm-up time and superior measurements in stability.

9D LADAR acquires dimensional and geometric surface data intended for all manufacturing sectors such as: automotive, aerospace, naval, energy, transport, machine tools, robotics and construction.

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