Analyzing, Testing, Measuring with Volume Graphics Software for Industrial Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography (CT) quality inspection software VGSTUDIO MAX from Volume Graphics enables users to keep the quality high by getting full insight into their products—from design to serial production. Building on more than 20 years of experience in the development of software for non-destructive testing based on industrial CT, the software covers all needs related to geometry and material analyses of scanned parts. All its analysis and visualization tools fit perfectly into your digital workflow and serve as a real-world basis for simulations.
Volume Graphics CT inspection software includes features for:
• CT reconstruction: State-of-the-art CT-reconstruction algorithms and artifact reduction techniques help you to get the most out of your X-ray data.
• Data quality analysis: Monitor the health of your measuring device through standard-conforming data quality analyses.
• Dimensional metrology: The software turns a computed tomography (CT) scanner into a coordinate measuring machine. It delivers ISO 5459 and ISO 1101 conforming metrology results on voxel, mesh, point cloud, and CAD data.
• Reverse engineering: Convert CT scans into CAD models that can be used in CAD systems and optimize your tools or 3D printing geometries with the functions for manufacturing geometry correction.
• Material analysis: Analyze designed material properties as well as porosity/inclusions and visualize them—from research and development to production.
• Automation: Inspects your parts automatically and non-destructively with the VGinLINE software—from the semi-automated sample tests in quality labs and small batch series inspection to fully automated 100% inspection on the shop floor.
• Simulation: Simulate directly on CT data or prepare your CT data for export for simulation
purposes. The software gives you the tools to check your simulation workflows. Perform virtual stress tests or microstructure-level virtual flow and diffusion experiments directly on CT scans. Or create high-quality tetrahedral volume meshes for FEM simulations in dedicated simulation software such as Digimat.
• Visualization: VGSTUDIO MAX lets you shine when presenting your findings to peers, decision makers, and the public. Impress in 3D and 2D, with exploded views and animations.
• Reporting: VGSTUDIO MAX and VGinLINE give you results you can use right away, including insightful graphics and comprehensive reports: from the export of images, histograms, and data tables in common file formats to the creation of comprehensive and completely customizable test reports and even interfaces to dedicated quality management or statistical process control software such as Q-DAS qs-STAT.
Thanks to its modular concept, the software suite VGSTUDIO MAX evolves with your needs. And with VGinLINE, a ready-to-use framework that relies on the advanced capabilities of VGSTUDIO MAX, you can semi- or fully automate the quality control process. VGinLINE covers the whole process from reconstruction of the CT data to inspection, reporting, and manual review.

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CT inspection software offers comprehensive insights at every stage of the product life cycle and across your organization:
• In materials research & development, you can use it to characterize material microstructures;
• At the design stage, it allows you to reverse engineer existing part geometries;
• In engineering, you can use it to validate or calibrate simulation workflows;
• At the prototyping stage, it enables you to apply NDT and GD&T inspection plans to prototypes and to correct tools;
• In quality control, you can use it to ensure quality by repetitive sample inspections;
• In production, it enables you to monitor the production process with inline CT inspections;
• In warranty and reclaim cases, you can use it to determine the root cause of a claim; and, finally,
• When storing your data, it helps to pack your data for “lessons learned” in upcoming projects.