Dimensional and Tomographic inspection

For years in the metrology world, we are one of the most important companies in this field in the Italian panorama. We are able to measure production lots with product identification, complete dimensional approval, data entry on custom or customer-supplied formats, statistical process control analysis for Cp – Cpk, Cm – Cmk, customization report from CMM with various measurement software.

Rilievi con CMM - Laboratorio Microservice

Via dei Ronchi 45/L, Alpignano – Torino

Laboratory Piemonte

The fully air-conditioned Alpignano laboratory is spread over an area of ​​150 m2;
inside the following instruments are installed:
• Computed Tomography NIKON XTEK XTH320
• CMM Dea Global Status 07.10.07
• CMM Dea Scirocco 25.13.10
• CMM Leitz PMM 12.10.6
• CMM Ottica
• Taylor Hobson, Talyrond 252
•  Galileo Ergotest Digi 25R
• 3D Printer SDM3D
• Calipers, height measuring instruments, ecc…

Laboratorio Microservice Macherio - rilevi dimensionali cmm- reverse engineering

Via Parini 32, Macherio – MB

Laboratory Lombardia

Laboratory in Macherio, air-conditioned, is spread over an area for superficie di 130 m 2 ;
inside the following istrumentation is operative:
• CMM Leitz PMM 8.6.6
• CMM Dea Mistral 10.7.7
• CMM Poli Galaxy SC 9.6.6
• BS Profile 50


Industrial Computed Tomograpy

General features of the tomographic inspection:
– make dimensional relief possible within “closed” structures
– centesimal precision on the reconstructed volumes
– dimensional analysis
– possibility to distinguish the contact surfaces between different materials
– generation of point cloud surfaces, subsequent STL and reverse engineering
– analysis of defects: porosity, cracks, inclusions, deformations of the material
– study of the distribution and orientation of the fibers in carbon compounds
– very short analysis times especially for plastic and aluminum
Specific features of the XTEK instrumentation at our laboratory:
– Three x-ray sources with different powers are available
– The notable size of the tomographic cab (2.7 m x 1.8 m x 2.2 m), distributed
on a total weight of 8 t, they allow inspection on large objects
– Maximum size of single scan objects: 250 * 250 * 200 mm,
for larger details, multiple scans can be performed
joined later to generate one.

Analisi dimensionale
Verifica orientamento delle fibre
Reverse Engineering Mappa colori a confronto con CAD
Analisi delle porosità
Raggi X
Reportistica personalizzata
Link to La Stampa article on our contribution to the "Invisible Archeology" exhibition open to visitors at the Egyptian Museum of Turin until 6 January 2020.