The API Laser Tracker legay continues with the latest RADIAN range offering the smalleste, lightest and most accurate portable trackers on the market!

– 80m range
– wireless connectivity (CORE and PLUS models)
– Battery powered (8 hours) with internal and rechargeable cells
– High precision ADM capable of carrying out dynamic measurements
– Camera-assisted target acquisition for automatic re-connection after beam interruption
– Integrated leveling sensor
– Great transportability (9kg)
– Versatile mounting: side, upside down, or directly on the piece

Radian laser trackers have the ability to use manual contact targets and motorized targets (Active Target™ and Smart Track™) for monitoring the kinematics and calibration of industrial robots and machine tools.

API provides the tools with a standard 2-year warranty, underlining the confidence in its products.

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Scarica brochure
Scarica brochure

Radian Core

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Laser tracker technology at its essentials.
RADIAN CORE is a high performance laser tracker that delivers essential laser tracker measurement capability at an affordable price. Its compact size and wireless operation allows the users to apply high accuracy measurement with the convenience of portability and great ease of use.

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Radian Plus

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RADIAN PLUS, also wireless, with integrated controller, extends the functionality of the CORE model with the possibility of using manual contact targets and motorized targets (Active Target ™ and Smart Track ™) for kinematics monitoring and robot calibration industrial and machine tools.

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Active Target™
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Smart Track™

Radian Pro

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RADIAN PRO is the smallest, most accurate, most versatile and performing laser tracker available on the market.
The technological solutions implemented allow the instrument to achieve a level of performance widely superior than other devices.

Like the PLUS model, it allows the use of both the iSCAN 3D blue light laser scanner – capable of acquiring point clouds with sampling up to 200,000 points/sec – and the vProbe tasting system.

iSCAN3D – Laser Line Scanner

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Scarica brochure

vProbe – Tactile Measuring Sensor

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Scarica brochure

Why API?

A Laser Tracker is a precision measuring instrument that uses laser interferometry to precisely measure large distances in three dimensions. It is essential in industries such as aerospace, automotive or manufacturing where extreme precision is required for quality control, part inspection, alignment tasks and more.

API Laser Trackers offer superior levels of performance, portability, ease of use of the instrument as it has been designed with the user’s needs in mind.

The technical solutions adopted in the design of API Laser Trackers translate into great precision and reliability.

Typical Appications

The API Laser Tracker is state of the art in optoelectronic technology when high accuracy on large-scale range measurement is required.

In aerospace, shipbuilding and heavy industry the API Laser Tracker finds its natural use as a versatile measuring instrument (as it is portable and can easily be positioned on the field) but also extremely accurate and reliable. It is also used in the fine positioning, in the detection / correction of errors of machine tools and robots, in the alignment of gears, rollers, transfer lines, in reverse engineering of sculptured surfaces.