Micro3D vis

Macchina ottica Microservice modello Micro3d vis AC300
Schermata software INSPEC su PCB

Optical machines multi-sensor Microservice Micro3D vis represent our best solution for your measurement needs for small parts with  speed and accuracy.

Image capture and its processing are practically immediate, and guarantee an indisputable operational advantage over other solutions based on exclusively tactile measurement.

Metrological performance is guaranteed by guide organs selected from the best on the market and assembled with method and attention, by quality of optics – including the lighting systems and by particularly refined image processing.

Our multi-sensor machines are indispensable in the measurement of components such as PCBs and assembled boards, fine mechanics, fluidic components, various components with mainly two-dimensional development such as gaskets, plastic parts, or yielding components such as rubber elements, where tactile machines have undoubted application limits.

Where the tactile unit is still necessary – for example to access grooves or undercuts not accessible to the vision system – the machine can be equipped with it as an option, ensuring full application flexibility of the measurement system, and an effective coherence between optics and tactile operations