Kreon ONYX Arms

Alta Risoluzione
Alta Precisione
Alta Velocità

6 or 7 axes ?

Here’s how to choose:
Choose Onyx 7-axis for scanning ergonomics

The 7-axis Kreon Onyx arm offers greater freedom of movement, essential for optimal use of the scanner.

Choose Onyx 6 axes for probing and precision

Kreon Onyx 6-axis is designed for precision. It is mainly used for inspection operations with high requirements.

Scarica brochure
Scarica brochure

ONYX dimensions

To best satisfy the requests of our customers, we have developed 6 or 7 axis arms with dimensions from 2m up to 5m working volume.

Choosing the right system for your application must be made taking into account the precision/size combination

3D scanners

A new scanning experience

Versatile, thanks to the possibility of measuring by probing or with a 3D scanner, and of using it both in a metrology room and in the workshop, the Onyx portable arm adapts to all applications (quality control, reverse engineering, etc.) and all sectors (automotive, aeronautical, etc.). Furthermore, the lightness and careful ergonomics of the Onyx measuring arm offer comfort of use while gaining unprecedented productivity.

Save time
Advanced scanning speed

The wide laser line and high frequency allow the number of steps needed to scan to be reduced, acquiring a dense cloud of points in just a few moments.

When …

the problems of accessibility and transportability of the pieces to be measured make the use of traditional coordinate measuring machines difficult; manual measurement with articulated arms proves to be the most advantageous solution in terms of costs and speed of control.

Blue Laser

Kreon Technologies first developed blue light laser technology. Its main benefit lies in the possibility of scanning reflective surfaces without damaging the object to be scanned, and without the need for any surface preparation.

Skyline Scanner

Perfectly integrated into the Onyx measuring arm, Skyline three-dimensional scanners, with their speed, resolution and precision, scan all types of parts in record time. Industrial parts, regardless of their size, are scanned easily and in great detail.


  • SKYLINE EYES, the most accurate
  • SKYLINE WIDE, the fastest
  • SKYLINE OPEN, the most convenient
Skyline 2 :::Microservice