Kreon BACES Arms

Alta Risoluzione
Alta Precisione
Alta Velocità

Kreon Baces is a three-dimensional measuring arm, convenient in use for touch-probing applications. It has an internal calibration secured by a mechanical architecture based on aluminum- and carbon-fiber materials, which makes its structure extremely light and stable. It is ideal for metrological applications like reverse engineering, digitization, inspection, rapid prototyping, etc.

Series 100 & 200

Series 100 is made with a carbon tube and offers high accuracy while series 200 is made with an aluminum tube combining lower price and performance.
Scarica brochure
Scarica brochure

BACES dimensions


Choosing the right system for your application must be made taking into account the precision/size combination.

M: 2.6 m,   G: 3.2 m,   XG: 4.2 m,   XL: 4.6 m